Are you feeling like the house is too big and feels like a big empty nest?  Have too much space and tired of paying the bills for the property?  Perhaps the solution is a smaller home in a more convenient location.

This is an all-too-common situation as people are looking to downsize, reduce the bills and the labour of looking after the property.  Perhaps you’re thinking of freeing up time and money to go travel?

The most popular properties for downsizing are detached bungalows with a garage and a basement OR a condominium where everything is taken care of and you just have to lock the door and walk away.

We can help!  The first step is to discover your needs and wants and then do an appraisal of your existing home.  Once we have that information, then together we can formulate a plan that moves you to your new lifestyle at your pace.

We can step up a home search for you that will provide you with all the newest listings as well as any price reductions, as soon as they happen.  These properties are extremely popular and usually sell fast, so being the first to the listing can be important.

When you’re ready, let’s talk.  We can answer all your questions and tell you exactly what’s happening in the market.  It’s a casual conversation over coffee (or wine).

Fill out the form and we can start the conversation.  We look forward to meeting you.

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