Are you interested in properties that need work?  With people retiring, downsizing and dying, there are properties out there that are dated and need work.  You can fix and flip or fix and hold for even greater appreciation and returns.  There is money to be made!  Different properties have different levels of work required.  Some properties need to be ‘gutted’ while others just need some cosmetic TLC.  Whatever kind of property you are looking for, we can find it!

We have a special computer algorithm that can identify all properties for sale that need work.  We can analyze these properties for value and tell you how much it will cost to fix them up.  We even have a business referral directory to refer contractors to you.  We can even show you how to finance these properties and how important it is that you arrange financing for all renovations, before you close.  We will calculate the value of the property, AFTER RENOVATIONS, so you know exactly how much you can make before you buy the property.

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