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Real estate is still your best investment!  Over time, there are only two ways that fortunes were built in America, oil and real estate.  Buy land because they are not making any more of it.  Scarce resources go up in value!  There are over 100,000 immigrants entering Toronto every year!  This creates a demand for real estate because immigrants believe in real estate.  Because of the astronomical real estate prices in Toronto, people are moving west and west means Hamilton and surrounding areas.  Interest rates are still at generational lows and banks are willing to finance so prices will continue to rise!

We have a plan called The Money Machine.  We can show you how to make returns of 20% per year (on your down payment) and pay off your property in 15 years.  If you buy 1 property every year starting at age 50, you would retire at age 65 owning 15 properties and the first one would be paid off.  Each property will have an average rent of over $2000 month and demand for rentals is greater than supply.  You would be a millionaire with a monthly income greater than you could spend.  That’s freedom!

We can make it easy by showing you what properties to buy and where.  Real estate is still about location and properties appreciate at different rates.  When you buy with us, you will buy with confidence.  In this market, you can’t lose!

Contact us and let’s get the conversation started.  Your children will thank you for it!

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