Flamborough is a huge area!  It contains two-thirds of the land mass of Hamilton.  It is an area of open fields, farms and country properties.  If you want to live in the country, but be close to the city, then this could be for you.  There are about 112,000 people living throughout this huge area.

There are many farms and farm tours in the area.  Since Farm to Table became popular, about 50 farms have opened their doors to shoppers and Tourists.  This is the heart of organic and fresh farm produced food and goods.  Green Acres is the place to be….

There are also numerous attractions in Flamborough.  We have the Rockton World’s Fair, The African Lion Safari, The Flamborough Horse Race Track and Slots, and many conservation areas for hiking and swimming.  It is an area that could take a lifetime to explore.  There is an excellent community guide available and we would be happy to give you a copy.

Properties in Flamborough are extremely varied.  There are 100+ acre farms, hobby farms, homes with several acres and bungalows.  Prices can start at $300,000 and go up to about $3 million.  Life is different in the country and the same city rules don’t apply.  The people are extremely friendly and value their freedom.  This is the best place for the country bon fire!

Country properties also come with some extra considerations such as wells, septic tanks, zoning bylaws, conservation issues and Greenbelt legislation.  We have lots of experience out here so we can help you to understand how everything works.  We also have a list of all the local trades people that work in the area.

The area in Flamborough is so large that you need a local guide.  Once we understand what you’re looking for, we can take you on a tour of the area and find you a place to live and breath.  We look forward to showing you the country!

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