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Listing Your Home with the Denninger Team

Listing Your Home with the Denninger Team


This meeting is referred to as the "listing appointment". This is a casual informal meeting, often done with coffee, where we talk about the home selling process, answer all questions and help you to determine whether we are the right agents for you.  This is FREE service with no obligation.  It's also fun and it will help you move forward in the moving process.

STEP TWO: A Little Homework

Once we've become friends and you've decided that we are the right team for you, THEN YOU and US have some homework to do. While YOU collect a list of documents that you will need to sell your home, WE will study recent area sales of homes comparable to yours, and also comparable homes currently for sale.  We will put together an extensive report that accurately predicts the sale price of your home.  Don't worry, we will guide you every step of the way.

At the listing appointment, we will view the entire home and yard to become familiar with its special features and exact floor plan. You have probably enjoyed living in your home and have been pleased with its many unique features. We will want collect information to tell prospective buyers about the special features of your home and community. Be ready to be specific about schools, churches, daycare, nearby metro, and other desirable community features, as well as home features not readily apparent.  We will have lots of qustions for you.

Remember, prospective buyers will be "comparison shopping" and keenly aware of subtle differences in homes for sale in the area. Be sure to tell US why yours is special, from any home remodeling to afternoon winter sunshine.

To enable US to prepare an amazing ‘Feature Sheet Brochure’ and Internet Listing for your property, YOU need to provide a number of documents and information specific to the location and jurisdiction. This ‘Feature Sheet’ will be set up in your home for the convenience of other Agents and Buyers. They will need this information to properly submit an offer and this will help to get offers faster!

These materials may include: the deed, survey, condominium bylaws or home owners association documents, subdivision map, house floor plan, previous title search abstracts, legal description of property (subdivision, section and lot), warranties on major systems or Home Owners Warranty, if still in effect, and copy of home owners insurance policy for endorsement in purchase contract.  If you don't have them, don't worry, we can get them.  We want this experience to be stress free for you.

STEP FIVE:  Staging, Pictures and 3D Virtual Tours

When we have decided on a listing date, we will create a Listing Plan for you so that we can help you prepare and stage the home for "Picture Day".  Pictures are worth thousands of dollars because Buyers book showings based on the pictures they saw online.  We have the experience to use Psychology and Colours to make your home and rooms stand out and motivate Buyers to put YOUR home at the top of their Wish List. We will also write professional copy for your home with words that motivate buyers. That's how we get multiple offers and Top Dollar for you.




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